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Multichannel sEMGA linear array of electrodes permits to record multichannel SEMG signals along a line that if it is aligned with the direction of muscle fibers of interest, can record traveling MUAPs. Non-traveling potentials will be also recorded due to “cross-talk” (download ppt Powerpoint Document Icon). This technique also permits the identification of anatomical muscle properties (detection of IZ and tendons) and estimation of CV based on temporal delay between signals [Zwarts et al. 2003]. The European reference consortium in this emergent and promising technique, that it is applied in this Project, belonged to the SENIAM (Surface ElectroMyoGraphy for the Non-Invasive Assessment of Muscles) project funded by the European Commission (Biomedical Health and Research Program BIOMED II). It was composed of eight clinical and eight engineering partners [Hermens et al. 2000]. One of them is the LiSIN (Laboratory for Neuromuscular System Engineering and Motor Rehabilitation) from the Technical University of Turin (Italy) whose Director, Prof. R. Merletti, collaborates with our research group in the acquisition and analysis of these multichannel SEMG signals [Merletti et al. 2004].