Simulation of mechanical ventilation

About the course

Authors: Dr. Blanch, Dr. Serna, Dr. Mañanas, Dr. Hernandez

Virtual simulation

Assisted mechanical ventilation is a very effective therapy in the intensive care unit, but the selection of proper settings for each patient's requirements is a complex task that relies largely on the clinician's know-how. This issue can be overcome using simulator systems that allow learning and predicting the respiratory response of patients under mechanical ventilation and, thus, help physicians in decision-making.

In this course, we review the fundamentals of mechanical ventilation and the recommendations for its application in key respiratory conditions, including COVID-19. The basics of simulation environments are introduced and then, we compare the use of the physical simulator and the virtual (or algorithmic) one by simulating several pathologic situations (COPD, asthma, ARDS, COVID-19) and applying various ventilation strategies.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the utility of simulation-based learning methods for your own training and, for optimizing ventilatory therapy in your patients.

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