BioART Folder that contains all technological products the team is currently working on

MV-Optimizer (MVO) is a clinical forecasting system to assist clinicians in managing mechanical ventilation (MV) by reproducing a specific patient's dynamic cardiorespiratory response to mechanical ventilation changes. Doctors can use MV-Optimizer to define the mechanical ventilation objectives, test different mechanical ventilation settings, and get personalized advice about the patients' most adequate therapy.

MyoSleeve is a wearable device with an adaptable sleeve that uses high-density surface electromyography (HD-sEMG) sensors connected to a wireless portable biopotential amplifier capable of recording up to 256 EMG signals. The innovative technology of HD-sEMG by MyoSleeve will be employed for muscle assessment during rehabilitation exercises. MyoSleeve provides a reliable quantitative estimate of muscular imbalance, co-activation, and fatigue.

WomenUp is a medical device that helps female patients to perform kegel exercises to reinforce the pelvic floor muscles.