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RespiLab is a virtual laboratory tool designed to analyze the human respiratory control system and to illustrate mathematical modeling of physiological processes. This laboratory is completely graphic and interactive, so it can be used to illustrate the behavior of human respiratory control system under certain circumstances or pathologies and the influence of relevant parameters in the system.

This virtual lab allows the students and researchers to obtain sensations and experience that would be very difficult otherwise because of the difficulties in performing experimental human studies. The tool has been built combining MATLAB/Simulink and Easy Java Simulation (EJS). While MATLAB/Simulink allows the implementation of complex models in straightforward manner, EJS allows designing attractive views and introducing interactivity easily. This combination is quite suitable for virtual lab development.

Three practical sessions have been designed according to the criteria of ECTS based on the student workload required to achieve the objectives specified in terms of learning outcomes: students must identify several cause-effect relationships and phenomena from the respiratory system function. One part of the sessions is carried out in the Laboratory with the assistance of an instructor and the rest remain as a private homework. Our teaching experience and students' evaluation show that this kind of Virtual Laboratories with their related sessions are very useful in order to help students to build their "mental model" of the Respiratory System. which is based on the observation of the response under different ventilatory situations and pathological conditions.


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