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MV-Trainer is a tool based in mathematical models, developed to make easier the study of the interaction between a mechanical ventilator and a patient. It describes all stages of system development, including simulated ventilatory modes, the pathologies of interest and interaction between the user and the system through a graphical interface implemented using Simulink and Matlab using Simulink and Matlab versions R2012b or R2013b (© The Mathworks Inc., Natick, MA), which provide a graphical programming environment that promotes modularization of the overall model into hierarchically smaller subsystems.

The developed computational tool allows the study of most widely used ventilatory modes and its advantages in the treatment of different kind of patients. The graphical interface displays all variables and parameters in the common way of last generation mechanical ventilators do and it is totally interactive, making possible its use by clinical personal, hiding the complexity of implemented mathematical models to the user. The evaluation in different clinical simulated scenes adjusts properly with recent findings in mechanical ventilation scientific literature.


The following documents are available without registration:

MV-Trainer User's manual PDF Document

To download MV-Trainer, please fill in the registration form.